Mrs. Debra DaLay
School Principle

It has been my privilege to be part of the Saint Joan of Arc  community for 16 years. Before coming to Saint Joan of Arc,  I taught at Christ the King School in University City for 10 years.  I taught 5th through 8th grades Religion, Social Studies, and Language Arts and served either as the 5th or the 7th grade homeroom teacher.  My very first teaching position was at Saint John LaLande in Blue Springs Missouri where I taught Middle School classes of Religion, Social Studies, and Language Arts for 3 years.

I hold a BA in Psychology, and a Masters in Education, from the University of Missouri St. Louis and have a Career Administration certificate from the state of Missouri.

Children are our future and deserve the highest quality education so they can learn and grow in order to reach their full potential. I choose to teach in a Catholic school system where faith permeates everything. It is a blessing to be able to pray with the children and the faculty and to be able to witness our faith in action. Children, teachers, parents, the people of our community and the wonders of creation all inspire me. In my free time, I enjoy jogging, yoga, gardening, reading, and spending time with my family.

Deborah DaLay
"One in LOVE"

Mrs. Madeline Eschmann
Kindergarten Teacher

My name is Madeline Eschmann, and I am the Kindergarten teacher at Saint Joan of Arc. I attended Ursuline Academy for high school and then received my degree from Fontbonne University and hold my certification in Elementary Education as well as Deaf Education with an emphasis on communication and speech disorders.

I have been teaching for 24 years. I taught at St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf for 8 years where I worked with children ranging in age from 3-6 with mild to profound hearing loss. I then worked in private therapy while I raised my children and later returned to teaching at St. Paul's School in Fenton while my children attended school there. I taught first grade for 13 years at Epiphany of Our Lord School andhave been at St. Joan of Arc for 3 years.

I love teaching, it is as natural for me to teach as it is for me to breath. I try to bring to my classroom a love for learning and inspire my students to be life-long learners. I love watching my students as they sound out their first words, or put those words together to read sentences for the first time. It is as much a thrill for me to see my students read for the first time today, as it was 25 years ago. I enjoy making learning fun for my students and providing an environment where they feel comfortable to learn, grow, and soar. I hope to make kindergarten a time for my students to look back on with fond memories that make them smile and make them laugh.

I have been married 32 years and I have two grown children. My youngest, Katie is a Speech Pathologist and works at an Early Childhood Center for Fox School District. My son, Matthew is a Biologist and works in harvesting cartilage for transplant.  He is married and has blessed me with a beautiful grand daughter. When I am not teaching, I love spending time with my family. I enjoy boating, traveling and reading. Everyday is a blessing and I am so thankful to have such a rich life.

St. Joan of Arc School
Madeline Eschmann
One in the Spirit - Know, Love, Serve, Celebrate!

Mrs. Karen Mason
2nd Grade Teacher

Hi!  My name is Karen Mason.  I am currently teaching second grade at St. Joan of Arc School and have been at SJA since 2002.  Before that, I taught second grade at St. Aloysius Gonzaga for a year.  I am the school coordinator for the Bellarmine Speech League, as well as a speech coach and judge.  I also moderate the Mini Vinnies, a service club affiliated with the St. Vincent de Paul Society. 
I have two bachelor degrees:  a BA from Northern Illinois University, where I majored in sociology, and a BS from University of Missouri-St. Louis, where I majored in early childhood education.  I also have a JD (Juris Doctorate) from Washington University’s School of Law (I practiced law for 13 years before deciding to become a teacher).  I also earned my religious education certification through the Paul VI program. 
I became interested in teaching after having my four children.  I realized that my favorite times were spent with them and that I enjoyed teaching, and learning, with them.  Sharing my faith with my children and my students has helped deepen my understanding of and love for the Church.  I am inspired daily by the curiosity and love of learning that my students express.  It is a privilege to be a part of their lives, and I hope to instill in all of them a love of reading and learning.
When I’m not at school, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Jeff Suess, and our children, Matthew, Alexandra, Mason, and Caroline.  We also have an adorable Beagle puppy named Callie.  I love to read and am in a book club.  I also am on the Liturgy Committee at my parish, Christ the King, and volunteer for Room at the Inn.  I also watch a lot of soccer and field hockey games.

Karen Mason
One in the Spirit - Know, Love, Serve, Celebrate!


Mrs. Ellen Auterty
3rd Grade Teacher

My name is Ellen Autery, and I am the first grade teacher at Saint Joan of Arc. I have been teaching at SJA for 8 years, but this is my first year in the first grade. I previously taught PE to K-8 grade and art to 5-8 grade students at the school.

I attended Ursuline Academy for high school and then went on to Saint Louis University. While at SLU I played NCAA Division 1 Field Hockey and majored in Elementary Education. I earned my bachelor’s degree in 2005 and the same year I completed my student teaching at Saint Joan of Arc in the second grade classroom.

I knew I wanted to be a teacher since I was in 6th grade. I have always loved school and knew I wanted a career in education. I love being able to work with children every day and inspire them to learn. I chose to teach in a Catholic school because I love the sense of community  experienced in these schools. I appreciate the fact that religion is incorporated into the curriculum and that the children are able to grow in God’s love. I attended Catholic schools my entire life, and I know this is where I belong.

As a teacher I hope to create a learning environment where every student believes they can succeed. I want my students to enjoy coming to school each day and to be excited about education. I hope to create interesting and motivating lessons that appeal to all types of learners. These students bring a smile to my face each day, and it is my goal to do the same for them. 

Outside of teaching I love to spend time with my husband and our two dogs. I enjoy running and the outdoors. I also coach varsity field hockey at Ursuline Academy. I have been coaching there for 6 years, and it brings me such joy to work with these girls and to help teach them teamwork, leadership and commitment. Go Bears!

St. Joan of Arc School
Ellen Autrey
One in the Spirit - Know, Love, Serve, Celebrate!

Ms. Sara Folwarski
4th Grade Teacher

My name is Sara Folwarski and this is my second year teaching at St. Joan of Arc. I graduated from Southeast Missouri State in December 2010. I am currently working on my masters in counseling at Missouri Baptist.
St. Joan of Arc holds a very special place in my heart not only because I work here but also because I went to school here - Yes, Mrs. DaLay was my principal when I was a student here :) It feels so good to be working at the school that shaped me into who I am today. I student taught at St. Joan of Arc in 2010 in the multi-age first and second grade. During this time I experienced the sense of community that St. Joan of Arc not only provides for the students but for the faculty. I believe Catholic education provides a firm set of values and beliefs for each student. I hold high expectations for my students because I know the potential of each student.
Ever since I was five and playing “school” at my parents, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I love teaching because of the children; they have such positive and optimistic outlooks on the world. During my spare time I love traveling, exercising and spending time with my friends, family, and dog. I look forward to getting to know you and your family!

St Joan of Arc School
Sara Folwarski
One in the Spirit - Know, Love, Serve, Celebrate!

Mrs. Mary Ann Bommarito
5th Grade Teacher

My name is Mary Ann Bommarito, and I am the 5th grade Homeroom teacher at St. Joan of Arc School. I teach Math, Science, Religion, and Social Studies to the 5th grade. I also teach Religion and Science to the 6th grade. I help with the Recycling Program and the National Geographic Bee contest here at SJA.

I attended Fontbonne University where I received my BA degree in Education. I continued graduate studies in the areas of Math and Science at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. I have Missouri Teaching Certification and Catechist Certification via Paul VI classes. I also have FAST Science Teacher and DASH Science Teacher Certification. Since I was young, I loved playing school. I admired all of my teachers and knew then I wanted to become one.

It has been a privilege to spend my 40+ years of teaching here at St. Joan of Arc School. I have been blessed to work in a community with a dedicated faculty and administration, caring students and supportive parents.  Teaching in a Catholic school allows me to share my faith with my students every day. Together we come to know and love Jesus more and grow closer to God.

Children’s curiosity inspires me. It is so rewarding to see their excitement and enthusiasm for learning. Each student brings his or her talents and abilities. It is my responsibility to encourage these strengths and help them achieve at their highest level. I want to inspire my students to believe in themselves.

My husband, Nick, and I have been married for 41 years. We have a daughter and a son. Outside of school I enjoy walking, gardening, and reading.

Mary Ann Bommarito
One in the Spirit - Know, Love, Serve, Celebrate!

Mrs. Cathy Zitko
6th Grade Teacher

My name is Cathy Zitko. I am currently the Sixth Grade teacher at Saint Joan of Arc. I have taught at SJA since 2001, previously as the kindergarten, first grade, and second grade teacher. I am also a moderator for the SJA Student Council Organization.
I attended high school at Ursuline Academy where I was involved in choir, drama, and musical theater. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from UMSL in 1998. I am also a DASH certified teacher (Developmental Approaches in Science and Health.) I completed my student teaching experience in the University City school district and at St. Elizabeth of Hungary. I then stayed at St. Elizabeth's for two years as their first grade teacher.
I loved my kindergarten teacher and knew since I was 5 that I would be a teacher. At the end of each school year, I would beg my teachers for leftover worksheets so I could teach my brother and sisters all summer long! It wasn't until I had a real classroom of my own that I realized the part I love most about teaching is the "Aha!" moment when it all comes together and a child realizes they can do it! They can read on their own!
For the past 15 years, I have been a part of the Saint Joan of Arc community as a parishioner, teacher, and parent. I have always felt very welcomed by everyone I have met here. The faculty and staff work hard to provide the best environment and education for the students at SJA. I have seen this dedication on a daily basis, not only as a teacher but as a parent with children that attend SJA in 7th grade, 1st grade (twins,) and Kindergarten (Fall, 2013.)
My husband, Brian (SLUH) and I met in high school and have been married for 18 years. At the end of the school day we can still be found at SJA! Our children are all involved in boy scouts, girl scouts, serving mass, soccer, baseball, softball, and track. Brian is the Cubmaster for the SJA Cub Scouts Pack 62. We are also the Homecoming Chairpersons for the year 2015 and hope to see you at Homecoming in September! In my "free" time I enjoy reading, baking, and trips to the beach with our extended family.

St Joan of Arc School
Cathy Zitko
One in the Spirit - Know, Love, Serve, Celebrate!

Mrs. Marina Chura
7th Grade Teacher

My name is Marina Chura, and I am the 7th grade homeroom teacher at Saint Joan of Arc. I teach math in grades 6-8, and science in grades 7 and 8. I have been at SJA for 13 years. Previously, I taught for 2 years at Sacred Heart School in Valley Park, where I was a 6-8th grade science teacher as well as a 7th and 8th grade social studies teacher.
I am originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, rich with history and culture. After graduating from high school, I attended Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University in Saint Petersburg where I majored in Elementary Education and teaching English. Upon graduation, I received a teaching certificate, as well as a Masters of Education. During my five years at Herzen, I participated in a student study-abroad-program, attending one semester at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, IA.
My inspiration for becoming a teacher was my 1st grade teacher, and from that point on I knew that is what I wanted to do “when I grew up”. What I love most about teaching at St. Joan of Arc is how warm and welcoming the atmosphere is here, and every child is given an opportunity to shine and grow.
My immediate family includes my husband and two children – my daughter is 14, and my son is 9. My parents and brother live in Saint Petersburg, and we get to see them every summer as we travel back to Russia. In my free time, I enjoy travel, reading, and spending time with friends.

St Joan of Arc School
Marina Chura
One in the Spirit - Know, Love, Serve, Celebrate!

Mrs. Janet Mohler
8th Grade Teacher

My name is Janet Mohler. I have been in education for over 20 years. I have previously taught at Our Lady of the Pillar and Little Flower. I am currently teaching the eighth grade and am in the position of Learning Consultant at St. Joan of Arc.
I was raised an Epiphany girl and attended St. Elizabeth's Academy for high school and the University of Missouri for college. Teaching has always been my dream. In the role of Learning Consultant I am able to work with all grade levels. It is the best of all worlds. I am equally lucky to be able to work along side such dedicated staff and administration.
I am blessed with a large Italian family that keeps me busy. With any spare time you could find me in the Art Museum or at a live theater production. 

St Joan of Arc School
Janet Mohler
One in the Spirit - Know, Love, Serve, Celebrate!

Mr. Daniel Vizer
Music Teacher

My name is Daniel Vizer, and I am the Music Teacher at St. Joan of Arc School.  I have been teaching at SJA for six years, and have loved being a part of the wonderful faculty here. I also teach music for grades five through eight at St. Joseph School, in Manchester. 
I have been teaching piano lessons for 42 years, since I was 13.  I was thirteen when I started playing the pipe organ and directing a choir for my home parish in Illinois.  I was blessed with the very best of music teachers from the very beginning.  I’m so proud to have earned both my bachelor and master’s degrees in piano performance at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.  During my years there, I studied with the world-famous pianist, Ruth Slenczynska, who is a former student of Sergei Rachmaninoff, Nadia Boulanger, Josef Hoffmann, and Alfred Cortot. 
I began teaching in Roman Catholic Schools when my niece’s Kindergarten teacher asked me if I would help the school to produce a Christmas Concert for the whole school.  I never left classroom teaching!  I taught for part of a year in the public schools, but felt extremely uncomfortable without being able to express my love for God openly. I’m so grateful that I can still look at a piano keyboard with the same anticipation as when I was a child.  I hope that by teaching music, I will inspire others to find the same peace, contentment, and joy that I have found. 
When I’m not practicing piano, I can be found gardening, or taking care of my tropical fish.

St Joan of Arc School
Daniel Vizer
One in the Spirit - Know, Love, Serve, Celebrate!

Ms. Natalie Mayhall
Physical Education Teacher


Mr. Bill Chandler
Computer Teacher

My name is Mr. Bill Chandler and I am the Computer teacher /Technology coordinator here at SJA.  I have taught previously at St. Gabriel, Annunciation, St. Richard, and Holy Spirit.  Currently, I am at St. Frances Cabrini, as well as at St. Joan of Arc.

I graduated from Southern Illinois University with a major in Music Education and worked as a music teacher for 10 years.  Later, I attained my Masters Degree in Computer Education from Fontbonne University in 2002.

I enjoy teaching computer! The students use technology as a tool for enhancing their curriculum. They expand their knowledge and understanding through the use of applications in presentation, graphic creation and manipulation, drill and practice lessons, and basic keyboarding skills.  Some of the applications used are Microsoft Word, Inspiration (a graphic organizer resource), Internet websites that promote problem solving, and educational drill and practice. In addition, the students become familiar with Powerpoint, where the students provide information from their corresponding curriculum and show their understanding in a presentation format. This year we will also develop our skills using block programming, computer code techniques, and skills at 3D modeling through an autoCAD rendering Google App.

My wife Linda and I have three children and five grandchildren. Two of our grandchildren had their first day at pre-school this fall! I enjoy spending my time with my family.

St Joan of Arc School
Daniel Vizer
One in the Spirit - Know, Love, Serve, Celebrate!

Mrs. Nancy Nieder
Language Arts

My name is Nancy Nieder. This is my first year teaching at St. Joan of Arc. I am very excited to be here not only because I love teaching language arts to seventh and eighth grade students, but because I also attended St. Joan of Arc, and have many wonderful memories from my years as a student.

I am entering my 20th year of teaching English and literature at the middle school and high school levels. I graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia in addition to obtaining a teaching certificate in English, and a MA in secondary education from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

My past teaching experience includes seven years at St. Joseph Elementary School in Imperial Missouri, eleven years at Affton High School, and one year at Holy Cross Academy. I am happy to be teaching in a Catholic school because it provides me with the opportunity share my faith. One of my greatest joys has been seeing the many successes of former students.

My married life began 34 years ago, right here at St. Joan of Arc Church.  I have three children and two grandchildren. I love walking, reading and traveling, but most of all, I enjoy spending time with my family and helping with my granddaughters.

St Joan of Arc School
Nancy Nieder
One in the Spirit - Know, Love, Serve, Celebrate!

Kay Medlock
Learning Center Teacher

Greetings to St. Joan of Arc families!  I am Kay Medlock the Learning Center teacher for First through Fourth grade.   Last year I served the St. Joan of Arc school as the Title 1 teacher for Reading and Math.  The students, staff, and families welcomed me with open arms, and I feel a warm spirit in this school community.  

Teaching is a second career for me; as I say “I didn’t look to be a teacher, teaching came looking for me.”  My two sons inspired me through their educational experience in the City of St. Charles school system.  Both of my children have specific learning disabilities, and through their example, my journey began in education.  

Lindenwood University is where I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education First through Sixth grade, and most recently my Masters in Education for Special Education Kindergarten through Twelfth grade.  I continue my learning voyage at Lindenwood attaining my Reading Specialist certification.  

My husband Jim and I reside in St. Charles, my hometown, with our son Joey and our oldest son, A.J. lives in Shrewsbury.  I am blessed to teach at St. Joan of Arc and look forward to another fantastic year of teaching and learning.  

Mercy:  Give it, Live it, Share it!

Kay Medlock
Learning Center Teacher
St. Joan of Arc Catholic School