Frequently Asked Questions


about st. joan of arc education

What grade levels does St. Joan of Arc School serve?
St. Joan of Arc Catholic School serves grades Pre-K - 8.

St. Joan of Arc Kid Kare offers full and part time preschool starting at age 2.

Are school uniforms required?
Yes.  St. Joan of Arc requires students to wear a school-approved uniform; however, the uniform is flexible for the time of year, weather, picture days, and birthdays.  
Check out the Parent Handbook for all of the details.

Does St. Joan of Arc School have a Preschool?
Yes!  St. Joan of Arc Kid Kare offers both part-time and full time preschool for ages 3, 4, and 5.  Please see the St. Joan of Arc Kid Kare Page for more information.

Does St. Joan of Arc provide after school care?
After school care is offered after every full school day until 6:00 pm.  Please see the St. Joan of Arc Kid Kare Page for more information.


How often do students attend mass?
All school Mass is held every Thursday at 8 am.  All are welcome to join us!

How does SJA foster a student's faith?
Our religious education curriculum teaches students about their faith and encourages them to grow as Catholics.

Students are prepared to receive three sacraments: Reconciliation (2nd Grade), Holy Eucharist (2nd Grade), and Confirmation (7th and 8th Grade).

Students are encouraged to develop their faith outside the classroom as well.  Students can participate in the 10:30 am Children's Liturgy, volunteer as Altar Servers, and participate in events throughout the year.


What are the expectations for homework?
St. Joan of Arc school believes that homework is essential in reinforcing classroom material and building strong organizational habits.  Younger students will typically have less than one half hour of homework for an evening, while older students will often be assigned an hour of homework and prep each evening.

Can I check my child's grade online?
Yes! All St. Joan of Arc teachers use an on-line system called Teacher Ease to record attendance and grates.  As a parent you can easily access this information any time.

What time does my child eat lunch?
Students in grades Kindergarten - 4 eat lunch at 11:30 pm followed by recess.
Students in grades 5-8 attend recess first at 11:45 am and eat lunch from 12:00 to 12:30 pm.

What lunch options are available to the students?
St. Joan of Arc school partners with Chris' Pancakes & Dining to provide a delicious lunch to the students Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Menus are available online on the Current Parents Page and must be ordered in advance.

Students may also bring their lunch.  Please refrain from sending soda, glass containers, or fast food items.  There are microwaves to heat food (younger students receive assistance in reheating food).  Milk is available for 17 cents.  Ice water is provided for free.

What if my child forgets their lunch?
Students are not allowed to call home for a forgotten lunch.  We will give the student a package of whole grain crackers, string cheese, and a carton of milk.


What extracurriculars are offered?
There are many ways for students to grow outside of the classroom.  St. Joan of Arc school offers the following extracurriculars:

  • Band (Grades 2 - 8)
  • Bellarmine Speech Team (Grades 5 - 8)
  • Mini Vinnies (Grades 1 - 8)
  • Mrs. Pentecost's Choir
  • Student Council
  • Robotics
  • Chess Club
  • CYC Sports
  • Scouts
  • Dance

For more details on any of these activities please visit the St. Joan of Arc Extracurricular Page.

Can my child participate in sports at St. Joan of Arc?
Yes!  St. Joan of Arc offers athletic opportunities to a variety of ages:

  • Baseball / Softball - (Grades K - 8)
  • Track - (Grades 3 - 8)
  • Soccer - (Grades K - 8)
  • Volleyball - (Grades 3 - 8)
  • Basketball (Grades 1 - 8)

How do I sign my child up for a team?
Simply go to the St. Joan of Arc Athletic Association Page and register online.


Can non-Catholic families attend St. Joan of Arc School?
Yes!  St. Joan of Arc School welcomes families of all faith backgrounds; however, enrolled students will be expected to participate in the religious education program.

What are the requirements for admission?
For students entering Kindergarten, the student must be 5 years old prior to August 1st and pass a standard Kindergarten readiness screening to be eligible for registration.

Active parish families are given first priority during registration.  Non-parish families may need the permission from the St. Joan of Arc Pastor.  At the time of registration please present your child's birth certificate, current health record, and Certificate of Baptism (if Catholic).

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