4th Sunday of Advent Parishioner Reflection

“ it is through the Holy Spirit that this child has been conceived”  Matthew 1:20


In today’s Gospel, we are given a detailed account of how the son of God was to come into this world. 

Joseph had decided to divorce Mary quietly, but that night he had a dream. An angel appeared and delivered a message so miraculous, so unbelievably impossible that I often marvel at Joseph's unfailing faith. These two 'ordinary' people's lives were about to change dramatically. They had no idea how or even why this was happening and I am certain they were unsure and perhaps even frightened of what their future may hold. It must have been terrifying to say the least. However, they did know one thing for sure, God had sent this message and that was enough to instill in them an obedience so strong, it was to carry them through the entire, incredible story of Jesus.


I am also amazed at the power of the Holy Spirit in today’s gospel. So strong is its presence here that I almost want to include it in our traditional portrait of the Holy Family: Joseph, Mary, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. For whatever reason, I have always felt some kind of connection with the Holy Spirit. Perhaps it is because I can actually see it working in our world today. It leaves its mark on so many unsuspecting and 'ordinary' people...even when you least expect it.


I hope and pray that the Holy Spirit comes into the lives of our families this Christmas season and shows us just how extra-ordinary our world in Christ really is.


Stephanie Brickey