2nd Sunday of Advent Parishioner Reflection

“Prepare the Way of the Lord, make straight his paths.”  (Matthew 3:3)

The holy season of Advent is a time of waiting with eager anticipation of Christ’s coming in a few short weeks.  Caught between the two comings of Christ, we receive light from the past and the coming of Christ into human history, as well as light from the future at his second coming. I use these events as guiding lights for my continuing journey towards heaven.

In my own life I remember that the Christ child is coming. I need to prepare for his coming by “clearing the path.”  I must remind myself it’s not about the commercialism of Christmas but about the birth of Jesus.   I am not only clearing a path to Earth for Jesus, but also a path for Him into my heart. Remembering the less fortunate, giving not only physical gifts but the spiritual gifts of love and forgiveness.

As I mark the historical birth of Christ, I am a continuing witness of our faith.  It reminds me that what I recite in the creed did indeed really and truly take place.  And I take special effort in liturgy and life to receive our Lord in a fitting spiritual way as I answer the call of John the Baptist to “ make ready the way of the Lord, clear him a straight path”.

Nancee Nocchiero