Source Material - The Wedding Garment

At our Masses this past weekend we heard about the Wedding Garment as a 'prerequisite' to enter the wedding banquet (a.k.a. Heaven). During the homily I tried to explain how this wedding garment has to do with Christian Baptism, identity and a life of virtue and good works.  I wanted to share this paragraph from some source material that I used in preparing to preach. The paragraph comes from Fire of Mercy, Heart of the Word, Vol. 3 by Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis. It is published by Ignatius Press.

"At crucial moments in Jesus' life (the Baptism and the Transfiguration), the Father's voice resounds from heaven and utters the very same words: 'This is my one dear Son, in him I take great delight'(3:17, 17:5, NET). It seems the Father has nothing else to say to use but this. And this is more than enough because, if Jesus is his only begotten Son, and if it is in Jesus that the Father takes all his delight, it is clear that we must come to resemble Jesus as closely as possible if we, too, are to be a source of the Father's delight. Our own salvation and bliss consist in nothing else but entering, in Jesus, into the same relationship with the Father that he himself enjoys"(523).

And finally, we remember our point for prayer: "Remember who we are; remember who loves us; and then do whatever we (and the Father) wants!"

Have a good week and see you around the ranch!