This Week's Pastor's Column

Pastor’s ColumnSunday, December 10, 2017


Tomorrow, Monday, December 11, Monsignor Dempsey and I will be available to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation from 7-8pm in church.  The celebration is part of the regular Advent Holy Hour devotion on Mondays that include Eucharistic Adoration and guided meditation. All are welcome and invited!

A point a prayer:

As we prepare to celebrate, once again, the birth day of Jesus, a question presents itself: what difference did Jesus’s birth make for the human experience? Volumes and volumes have been written in an attempt to answer this question. The answers range from the cosmic and unimaginable to the personal and spiritual. I guess there’s our place for prayer this Advent: what difference does the celebration of Christmas make in my life? As I go to Christmas parties and engage with all the secular expectations of Christmas like gift giving and ‘peace and good-will to all mankind’, what real difference does the real Incarnation of God into the human experience make in my life? Or is it an empty social convention that I just have to “get through the holidays”. Let’s ask the Blessed Mother to pray for us: may we be engaged with the cosmic, spiritual and personal affect that God’s Incarnation in Jesus makes not only in the world, but in my life, my daily lived experience. If I don’t know what the affect is, well, then that’s my place for prayer!

Know that you are loved dearly and prayed for daily.

Peace and prayers for you,