2nd Sunday of Lent Reflection

By parishioner Craig Spihlman

“Rise, and do not be afraid.”  Matthew 17:7

In today’s readings we are challenged to dive into our Lenten journey and immerse ourselves in the challenges that the season brings.

In the first reading Abram is told to leave what he knows and is comfortable with and journey into lands that he is not familiar with.  How often are we reluctant to leave our comfort zone and charter a new path?  The challenge in Lent is to “be comfortable being uncomfortable”.  When we embrace that challenge we will find fulfillment in our Lenten journey.

Again, in the second reading we are challenged with going against the grain regarding our society. We often think of that we have the answers, and are reluctant to accept another’s viewpoint lest we feel vulnerable or appear weak.  This is the challenge that we face during Lent: to calm ourselves long enough to let God guide our actions and reach our potential during this season.

I really enjoyed reflecting on the Gospel this week.  As Jesus is transfigured in front of his disciples, before the prophets and God the Father himself.  They all shared in the joy of revealing who Jesus really is.  While we will most likely not ever see Christ transfigured in front of us, how often do we have a chance to see who someone really is?  Do we take time to listen attentively and have a meaningful conversation that adds depth and volume to our lives, or do we brush off the conversation and hurry off from one meaningless task to another?

Lent is a time to truly get in touch with our senses, experience God’s word in a very real way, and be enriched by those that we meet daily.

Make today and everyday great!

Craig Spihlman