Introducing A Young Adult Apostolate: VISIONS

I am so pleased to announce the kick off of our new Young Adult Apostolate: VISIONS. St. Joan of Arc received VISIONS from the Lord to be of service to her country and her Church. She was committed to a VISION of Peace, Justice and Freedom. She had a VISION for the Church in her country built on prayer and commitment to the Gospel. It is in this spirit that we invite the young people of the St. Joan of Arc parish community to be a part of VISIONS: A young adult group. We’ll be having a BBQ following 4:30 pm mass on Saturday, August 12th in area behind church, at the back entrance of the rectory. As our church community continues to engage and minister to young adults and families, we are looking for new ways to bridge the gap between the youth and our senior parishioners. VISIONS is looking for young, enthusiastic parishioners and their families, between the ages of 18 and 40, who are looking for a way to get involved within the church community. Parishioners of all ages are welcome to attend the BBQ and learn more about our group!" More details to come here, Facebook and the parish bulletin.