Pastor's Column

Sunday, August 6 2017

Dear Friends,

On this feast day of the Transfiguration I can’t help but to think of the ‘transforming’ that’s been happening at St. Joan of Arc this summer. SJA School has been transformed into SCCA: our heritage and traditions melding with that of OLS to create something new. The building itself transformed via paint and lighting; reconfigured walls, etc. New landscaping around the campus to refresh the curb appeal.  But even more than that: our parish community is changing too! We are getting younger. Since January (or halfway through the year) we have had 24 Baptisms! We have crying babies and squirming toddlers at Mass and I couldn’t be happier about that. I want us to share that excitement and get the word out there that we are a young, vibrant and viable parish: our Sunday worship, adult faith formation, young adult ministry, SVDP outreach, and community life are signs of our vitality and dedication to our call to be disciples and apostles of Jesus. All are welcome at SJA: both new parishioners and those parishioners who may have wandered from regular attendance. This week, let’s invite them to our praying, serving, welcoming and vibrant community!

Know that you are loved dearly and prayed for daily.

Peace and prayers for you,