Parish Life Initiative Apostolate Spot Light

The St. Vincent de Paul Society

The SVDP has a long pedigree in St. Louis and at St. Joan of Arc. Its mission is simple:  assist the poor with as much help as our resources allow. At St. Joan of Arc we are able to help with food and utility and rent assistance. Volunteers respond to requests by meeting with them and not only providing for their immediate needs, but also working with them to budget their finances and help them with similar tasks.

Our SVDP maintains our Food Pantry and also assists St. Agatha’s food pantry in Soulard. Volunteers collect and sort food items and when requested, fills orders and either delivers the food or makes arrangements for the food to be picked up at the parish office.

Our SVDP never gives cash but always works with landlords and utilities to assist in bill payment and budgeting assistance.

Our St. Vincent de Paul society is always looking for help. If you’re interested in helping, please contact Fr. Craig and he’ll put you in touch with current members of the SVDP.