Pastor's Column

Sunday, January 27, 2019

 Dear Friends,

Happy Catholic Schools Week! Today we’ll celebrate Mass with the South City Catholic Academy community.  There’s an Open House after the 10:30am Mass; all are welcome to join the SCCA community for donuts, tours of the school building, and meeting students and faculty.  The students will enjoy special activities throughout the week.

The Parish Life Initiative (PLI) was a great success. My thanks to all those who participated in the planning meetings and those who came last Sunday. We generated so many ideas and got such valuable feedback! I’ve already got meetings scheduled to start cultivating some of these ideas and put them into action. We’ll use the bulletin, website blog, and our Facebook page to disseminate those ideas and action items. There are two next steps then:

1.     One more meeting of the steering committee to debrief on the PLI.
2.     Individual Group Apostolate Meetings with interested parishioners who are ready to initiate and motivate some of the ideas generated.
Watch the bulletin, website blog, and Facebook page for more information.

Next on our radar: Progressive Dinner. It’s scheduled for Saturday, March 9th. There’s more details coming in the bulletin but save the date for this casual, fun, community-building event. Participants will visit the homes of two parishioners for drinks, food and fellowship; and then the entire group returns to the SJA Parish Center for dessert! It’s a great evening! I hope you can join us.

And finally: I’m heading out on a little mid-winter R & R. I’m leaving Tuesday, January 29th and I’ll be back Monday, February 4th.  Monsignor Dempsey is in charge but please DO NOT let him give away the cats or sell the school parking lot to CVS.  In fact, this time, I’m taking the check book with me, because last time I was gone, he was watching Home Shopping Network and bought a 30-piece pot-and-pan set, 3 vacuums, a curling iron, and a gold watch. Brutal!

Know that you are loved dearly and prayed for daily.

Peace and prayers for you.