So, we’ve reflected on ENCOUNTERING JESUS; then we reflected on being EMPOWERED by the SPIRIT; today let’s reflect on being ENGAGED! When I think of being engaged I think about the gears of a machine being ENGAGED to make the machine do what the machine was made to do. In a similar way, after ENCOUNTERING and RECEIVING Word and Eucharist, we become EMPOWERED to ENGAGE the world around us and work, as Christians and Disciples of Jesus should do to bring about positive change, sustainable love and a living hope in the world and in our relationships.

 So, here’s our place for prayer then: how am I ENGAGED in the world as a Disciple of Jesus, a Christian, a member of the Catholic Church? Am I ENGAGED like the gears of a machine- am I moving through life to bring about positive change, sustainable love and a living hope? This week, let’s ask the Spirit to move us to ENGAGE us; to root us more deeply in Love with the people in our life, the Church to which we belong, and those in need who cross our path.

Theirs is no machine or gadget or anything that is more powerful than a Christian who has ENCOUNTERED the Lord, EMPOWERED by the Spirit, to ENGAGE the world.  It is my fervent prayer, that St. Joan of Arc parish community, in everything we do, cultivates an experience where Jesus is ENCOUNTERED, the Spirit EMPOWERS, and we ENGAGE the world around us.