Pastor's Column

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Dear Friends,

Ash Wednesday is this coming Wednesday: Mass times are 8am and 6pm.  This is 6pm Mass time is the new Mass time following the survey issued last month.  This 6pm Mass time will be for all Holy Days of Obligation. (The Saturday evening Mass time WILL NOT change from 4:30pm.)

I’d like to invite all those interested in the New Parishioner Welcoming/Mentoring/Outreach Apostolate to attend our first organizational on Tuesday, March 19th at 7pm in the Naeger Room.  The first things we’ll need to do is come up with a new name! ;-)  This new apostolate was a top priority from the All is Gift Survey and the Parish Life Initiative back in January. We have new parishioners join every month! At our meeting on March 19th we’ll brainstorm about what we can do to invite, welcome, and empower new parishioners to enter into the parish community feeling welcomed and appreciated.  Some preliminary ideas from the PLI were: monthly ‘welcome breakfast’ with the pastor with tour and introduction to the parish; home visit from current parishioner to meet and greet; monthly BBQ or ice cream social after a Mass; developing a welcome packet with information about getting involved in the parish community.  All great ideas! So, let’s get together and hammer it out. If you’re interested in being a part of the New Parishioner Welcoming/Mentoring/Outreach Apostolate- and you have an idea for a new name(!)- join me on Tuesday, March 19th at 7pm in the Naeger Room to brainstorm and develop a new way to extend our famous SJA hospitality to our new parishioners.

Then, on Wednesday, March 20th at 7pm in the Naeger Room I’d like to invite all those who are interested in helping SJA Go Green! The care of our planet, the preservation and conversation of our natural resources, and the way in which we use and consume energy, food, water, and other natural resources has ramifications beyond our time and life on earth. SJA can help care for our common home by examining how we use and consume, preserve and conserve our natural resources. Some initial ideas from the PLI: going Styrofoam-free at fish fries, homecoming, and donut Sunday; being more intentional about recycling; buying from vendors who use recycled products or support conservation efforts; complete the transition to LED lighting throughout the campus. Let’s get together and talk about this, make an assessment, brainstorm and see where we as a community can work together. Join me on Wednesday, March 20th at 7pm in the Naeger Room to assess, brainstorm and implement a way of life now that will preserve God’s Creation for our children, grandchildren and beyond!

Please see the annual Lenten Brochures in the back of church this weekend. It contains a lot of information about what’s going on around the parish community during Lent, including the Parish Lenten Mission scheduled for March 26-28 (Tues-Thurs) at 7pm. Lent begins with our celebration of Ash Wednesday- Masses are at 8am and 6pm.

Know that you are loved dearly and prayed for daily.

With peace and prayers for you,
Fr. Craig Holway