Pastor's Column

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Dear Friends,

It’s Homecoming Weekend!  We extend a heartfelt welcome to those who will join us this weekend; and heartfelt gratitude to those that make the festival possible! 

This is a great opportunity to introduce a new concept that I’ve been stewing on for the last couple of weeks: ENCOUNTER, EMPOWER, ENGAGE!

I want to focus on one of these over the next three weeks.

Before all else, our faith community is a place where we ENCOUNTER Jesus Christ. We ENCOUNTER Him in our celebration of the Mass- in Word and Eucharist.  We also ENCOUNTER Him when we gather as a community of faith to pray, work, and play together.  And when we ENCOUNTER Him we give Him permission to nourish, encourage, and if need be, correct us. Every time we ENCOUNTER Christ He draws us into deeper communion with Him and with each other- that communion is built with Faith, Hope and Love.

This ENCOUNTER leads to CONFORMITY! But CONFORMITY in the best way!  When we ENCOUNTER Christ in the Word and Eucharist, we are CONFORMED to be more like Him.  Over time, slowly, steadily, and often times imperceptibly, we are CONFORMED to be more like Him when we speak, act, pray and love.

So, our celebration of the Eucharist is time and place to ENCOUNTER Jesus Christ. This week, let’s pray that we are always OPEN to this ENCOUNTER.

Know that you are loved dearly and prayed for daily.